Bala Root Powder - 4 oz

Bala Root Powder - 4 oz

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Bala Root Powder

Botanical name: (Sida cordifolia)

Also Known As: Bariar, Barial, Jamglimedhi

Literally meaning youth in Sanskrit, this herb is priceless for its multi various applications. A powerful cell nourishing and cell re—generating herb, Bala is used to maintain youth and vitality.

Indian scientists reported the presence of a symptomatic alkaloid in this herb whose pharmacological action closely resembled that of ephedrine and they thought that the alkaloid was undoubtedly ephedrine. Later work has shown that the alkaloid had showed all the chemical and physical characteristics of ephedrine. This explains the widespread use of this herb in Ayurveda as a cardiac stimulant. Both the bark and the seeds are considered to be very aphrodisiac. Bala root is usually used as an analgesic, aphrodisiac, demulcent, diuretic, rejuvenating, and stimulating tonic.

The Bala plant is associated with the ancient Hindu Goddess of beauty and grace Parvathy. The herb is part of the magical trio combination associated with women in Indian herbal folk medicine Tripura Sundari in common language meaning thrice beautiful.

We recommend you use the dry herb as a tea. Please note that you can re use the herb up to 4 times, if you dry it out between uses. To make a strong tea, use 1/4 oz of dried root per cup of water. Boil the dry herb in the water to reduce the water by half. Refrigerate and drink 2— 3 tablespoons three times per day.

Powder use is; take 1/2 tsp of dry powder per day mixed with tea, soups, or salads.

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